Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Townhouse Homestead Tuesday

It's been a good summer for us as far as growing, receiving, and eating better vegetables. My tomato plants in Karen's garden have done better than I thought. They are container tomatoes and I know next time I try, I will use much larger containers. Buckets probably. 

The tomatoes in the left picture are some of what we've grown. I ate three on the way home and shared some with Karen. I know there will probably be more, but these are just the right size for Bruschetta and I'm looking forward to it now that I bake my own bread, made carrot top pesto, and make my own mozzarella. Now it will all be home made and home grown. The large bowl of tomatoes was a gift from my daughter's co-worker. They will be put to good use in a sauce or relish. I have some in the window to ripen and with temperatures headed up to ninety degrees this week it shouldn't take long. I also have a couple of Basil cuttings rooting to continue the herb season. The original plant is growing very well on the deck. I will be taking a couple more cuttings and harvesting more soon.

This collage is of my butternut squash growing in buckets in Karen's back yard. They don't look very large, but here I am standing next to them. 

I'm not sure if we'll harvest any squash from the plants, but it's been exciting because I saved the seeds from a squash last winter. A ground hog has eaten a lot of Karen's vegetables, but they haven't touched the squash yet. We are hoping. It's been a learning season for us. That's the news today from the townhouse homestead. I keep cooking and canning and learning. I'm finding that at this time in my life my brain is like a sponge that can't get enough information so what I am learning I am turning into fun, not work. Thank you for stopping by to visit and have a wonderful week.

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