Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting back to nature.

It's Sunday morning early and I'm working as usual. I'm taking a break to do some blogging. I decided this week to take some pictures of the wonderful nature around my yard. It's been so rainy and miserable that yard work has had to wait. I put in more daffodil bulbs this past fall that have already come and gone and I was given some Iris to put in and they are just starting to flower. I will get pictures of them as soon as they do. They are small and young yet and I hope to get to watch them mature. With all the wet weather the mushrooms have been plentiful and the grass has gotten high around them. The birds have been playful and I can't tell you how much fruit will be on the trees this summer. It's going to burst with excitement. I have to stop every now and again during any of my days to enjoy the natural life. It feels such a part of me and I never seem to get enough. I'd like my lawn to be perfect, but it will never be and I've settled just to keep up with what grows. It's all part of the great scheme of things. So here's to nature. Without it we can't exist. I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy it.

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Lisa said...

Who cares about perfect. Its o.k. I love our bird sanctuary.