Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To Be Continued...Thrifted Chair Part Two

I didn't think that I'd get to the new pictures until this weekend, but as usual I get more done than I expect in a day. I am a bit tired today, but I think the weather has something to do with it. Nothing but clouds and rain. We saw some sun, but it's in and out. Today is my day off and I decided to keep working, but to pace at a more human rate. Done mostly little stuff today, but it all adds up to big stuff at the end of the day. So now it's time to show you the progress we are making on the 99 cent chair. It still has a way to go before completion, but we can visualize how it will look when it is done. I hope you can see it too. The improvements are slow, but any job worth doing is worth doing well. We will be repainting the chrome body, the vinyl is going to be white and the arms will be white and we found butterfly vinyl to decorate it. It will look wonderful in our computer room. I can't wait to actually see it done, but I can see what it will look like in my mind now.

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DogsMom said...

I am impressed. I have never taken one apart to this extent.