Monday, May 23, 2011

To Be Continued...Thrifted Chair Part Three

After the final coat of vinyl paint was added and left to dry the butterfly decals were applied and we now have the back of the seat and seat finished. We may add butterflies to the back of the back because there are a few remaining. I'm enjoying watching the progress of this chair. Next it's on to the chrome body and making that shine and putting it back together. I hope your enjoying this work in progress. True recycling at it's best.


Lisa said...

I really like how it is turning out. It's not perfect but it's definatly ours. Wish I had more energy to work on it.

Pinkdotties said...

omg this is great! I so love it!! gosh you must be so proud of yourself bc I know I am proud of you!!

Sew Inspired said...

It's Lisa's project. We are both excited about the result. Glad you like it.