Monday, April 08, 2013

Spending time enjoying family and thrifting.

It isn't always easy to spend time with family these days. Most of the time we are all so busy and we forget what's important. Changes happen and we want to run from them. When they say you can run but you can't hide, they mean it. I personally have changed in just the past few months. I've slowed down and realized that the important things are those around me and not the stuff or the money. My body is physically unable to do what I used to do and being a divorced older women unable to find good employment and living without medical benefits to get the help I need,  I've grown to know that I need to spend more time with my family while I can and do what I can now. I think that this is becoming important to them too. This past weekend I spent time with my younger daughter and her children. She is realizing with her own struggles what mine have been and she is making sure I have more time with my grandchildren. We aren't super close my younger daughter and I and I hope this changes but I see it starting.
Friday the boys, my eldest daughter and I went to dinner and yes they learned a few manners. They were really just being boys, but they relearned Grams rules. Gentlemen hold doors. This was a tough one, but by the time they left they were doing better. Saturday we took them out to breakfast and did some thrifting. They found Nike sneakers and sports shorts and T's and I think the most expensive item was $7 after discount. I couldn't believe the condition of some of the items we got for just .99. I hope they learned a lot too.
Saturday afternoon we did the child swap so that the children could spend equal time with Gramps. We dropped off the boys and picked up my granddaughter and yes we took her thrifting. She found one pair of shoes, but not any articles of clothing. She is leaving for college in August so she is being careful about how much stuff she has. I think I will be getting her a large supply of different Command Hooks for her dorm room. It looked so small from the pictures and these may come in handy. I am so proud of them learning how to thrift shop and learn to re love items. It was fun watching them search for what they would use and not just want. It was nice to see that they understood what I did when I reinvented myself as a reseller with two on line stores and selling on eBay. I gained a lot more respect from them and at the same time taught them a little more about life. I'm changing the world one little step at a time.
I did get some time last week to thrift for items to add to my inventory. I have been letting things just happen and what I find I find and if I don't I don't worry. Believe it or not I have been finding more with this attitude.

I found shoes. Name brand new and slightly used shoes. I found Sketchers, Clarks, Tommy Hilfiger and St. Johns Bay along with those Nike's that the boy's got. I kept a pair for myself, my younger daughter took the Tommy's and I listed two pair on .
My favorite find was this vintage gold with brown design stoneware bowl  with a lovely brown design on it. I couldn't believe that it was in pristine condition. I listed this on .
My elder daughter pointed out this vintage holiday Daher tin made in England. Once I saw the graphics on it I was in love.
These vintage heavy duty plastic plates that were made in Japan led me to believe that gold was the color of the week.
And of course I wouldn't be me unless I found some fabric and linens. When I need 100% percent white cotton fabric I will have all I need and still be able to sell some because I have found quite a few NIP white sheets lately. That's about it for this week. I know I written a lot today, but sometimes sharing is necessary. Life is good. Have an awesome week everyone.


Sus said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! ps...your link isn't working to your FB page. Just thought I would let you know. Let's do dinner soon..ok?

Sew Inspired said...

Thanks for letting me know. It works now. Dinner soon sounds just wonderful.

Lisa said...

She's doing great with finding amazing things to re-list. I'm super proud of her. Of course I love that ceramic dish w/cover, but I'd have to change my entire decor!

Heather@Tatter and Fray said...

Wonderful finds! And I agree...good manners make the world a better place. :) I love your stoneware dish--gorgeous!

Sarah ~ Magnolias Attic said...

Love that gold bowl -- the design is fabulous! That's so true about spending time with family -- I'm blessed to be near both my children and my granddaughter. Glad you had some good times with yours!
(stopping by from The Nifty Thrifty)

Wendy said...

Beautiful finds!!! I'm in love with the stoneware! Good eye! :)

ThrifterSisters said...

Love that Santa tin! It definitely would have made it's way into my cart:-)


LV said...

There comes a time in everyone's life that you need to slow down and smell the roses.Enjoyed seeing your vintage goodies.

LV said...

There comes a time in everyone's life that you need to slow down and smell the roses.Enjoyed seeing your vintage goodies.

Bluebell Woods said...

Good finds, I cant wait for garage sale times. Its so cold out, snow and all that stuff, its supposed to be Spring. Soon we will be out to thrift stores and stuff, you make me want to get out and find stuff.

Bijou Sugar-Socks said...

oohhh that bowl! love it!