Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mid week happenings.


What a busy week I am having and this coming weekend is going to be even busier. I have plans to spend a few days on the hunt. We'll probably do a few thrift stores, estate sales and maybe a church sale or two. Spring fever has set in and the need to get out has too.
I found a few new finds that have proven to be good ones. My favorite is a 1920's Pyrex bean pot.
The most whimsical item is a turtle bank made in Japan. He is so cute and I had a hard time listing him on the store.
I found vintage Christmas fabric, African animal napkin rings, Garfield mugs and more Pyrex bowls. There's more, but for now this is what I have ready and I am busy listing them on the stores. Please stop by and visit and .
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