Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thrift finds.

We had to take a day for ourselves this past weekend. We had a list of things that we would like to do and set off to see what we could get done. Needless to say that there were a few stops that just happened and thrift stores were a couple of them. We also found a church sale that was in it's last hour and it was fill a bag for $4 and we got some neat items.

Here you can see we found some vintage cook books, holiday decorations, canning jars, a clear Pyrex round baking dish and a butterfly cookie cutter. We found the utensil crock which was something that was on our search list for the kitchen, a religious artifact and vintage tea cups.

The aqua and orange serving trays are a wonderful find and fit right in with my daughters decorating colors. Tupperware was abundant and this cake taker was slightly used. The Tupperware Jello mold is new and I think I may use it. I'm not a big Jello fan, but there may be a party. We also found a new in package vintage Avon Humpty Dumpty coin bank. 

The nylon hamper was on the shopping list. The one we had wore out. We found fabric, yarn and scarfs. The camouflage yarn will be used for gifts.

This Jimmie Hendrix t-shirt will be made into a pillow for the store. My daughter will tell you that this was the best find.

The church fill a bag sale was awesome. I didn't realize how much I could get into two plastic grocery bags. To start there were the three pieces of fabric and then I found a box full of vintage doilies, pillow cases and table runners. I think I made a woman mad because I was just packing them into the bag and knew I would look them over once I got home.

This is more heavy duty cotton fabric we found that's a nice neutral upholstery kind of fabric. I'm sure I will make something out of it and more of the vintage linens.

Here are more of the vintage linens and do you see the pair of blue baby booties? They are hand tatted. I have these items soaking and will make sure they are clean of settled dust and dirt before we use them for sewing projects or list them on the store.

At one thrift store we found this darling coral sun dress with aqua embroidery. It is all cleaned and ironed and ready to be listed. It is size small and would be nice to wear over a swim suit. I found the olive green sweater and the white jeans at the fill a bag sale. I am going to cut the jeans into a pair of Capri's and the sweater is large and will go over a long skirt for winter. It's been getting very cold here in the northeast in the winter. Our day also included a stop for lunch and ice cream, the library and the garden shop for my herb plants. We found more articles of clothing, but I am writing a post tomorrow called Thursday's Threads and I will include them there. Until then have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by. 

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laura sampson said...

don't you LOVE those final hours of a rummage sale--doesn't matter what it is shove it in the bag and GOOOOOO!