Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursday's threads.

Interesting changes going on in my life. A bit of selfishness has moved in. I would never buy anything for myself as far as clothes. I always believed I had enough of everything I needed and if I took care of them they would last a long time. On our outing this past weekend my daughter got me a few new items to work into some wardrobe items I already have, or plan to make and like she says the prices are better than retail at the thrift stores. 

The first item she found for me was this Christopher & Banks jumper. I can wear it as a jumper or as a long vest. It was the most expensive of the clothing at $7.99 but it can be used several different ways. The white t-shirt was 50% off for a total of $2 and new. 

This is a Liz Claiborne top. It's red and black and I can wear this over a skirt, with jeans or Capri's. It is a light polyester and will be cool and loose for summer. 

As posted before I found this pair of white jeans at the church fill a bag sale along with the olive green sweater. I can use the white jeans with either of the tops and I have fabric to make a few items to go with the olive green sweater. I even have olive green flats. Just got to look through what I have.

As far as using up some of the scrap fabric hanging around I started red, white, blue and striped fabric folded stars. I don't have many 4th of July decorations so I want to have just a couple new items to put out. It's going to be a quiet day but I'll need to feel festive and fabric is what I like most. I think I also like original, one of a kind, I made it stuff.

I am continuing to use up the yarns hanging around and my daughter bought me a package of mill ends this past weekend. The green, aqua and pink are pair eleven so far this year and it's only June. I taught myself well and I am going to have the warmest feet next winter. That's what going on for Thursday's threads. I am staying busy here at the townhouse homestead. My next challenge is learning how to make cheese and we are getting close. Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend.

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