Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Townhouse Homestead Tuesday

There have been many things going on here at the townhouse. Some gardening, thrift shopping and textile crafting. It's been keeping me busy, helping me relax and teaching me new things. 

These are my container tomatoes that have found a home in a friends garden. There are seven plants. Four for the ground and three to hang from hooks. I sure hope I get some yield out of them. I have never planted container tomatoes before. I started these from seeds and am happy they have come this far.

This is my secret garden. It's a covert operation underway. With gardening against the rules here on the complex I had to be a rebel and do something. We'll see what comes from this container.

I planted a container with basil and rosemary. Gardening? I'll let it go until they tell me otherwise and at that time I'll bring them inside. 

I also planted cilantro and parsley. For now that's what the budget can handle, but they are what I feel is necessary to cook through the summer and put by for winter. With the space I have on the small deck it's all I could really squeeze in.

Last but not least the rose bush that the prior tenant left is producing the most beautiful roses. Once they start dying off we are picking them and drying them so we can make powder for soaps and lotions. That's what's new here and thank you for stopping by for a visit. I'm wishing everyone a great week. Happy homesteading. 

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