Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Thrift finds

This past weekend's adventure took us to a church sale and we found some great items. Some that we will add to our home and some to sell. It was a huge sale with furniture and everything under the sun. I was amazed at how organized it was and the amount of people working it. They were friendly and helpful. I will watch for this one next summer. They seemed to be experts at it.

We found the spice shelf that was in good condition, but the bottles, salt shaker and pepper mill were not useful. It was the shelf my daughter wanted so the bottles were re-donated and the salt and pepper were recycled. The stacking doll was imported from Russia and there were six dolls altogether. I found a Georges Briard linen towel and a couple other vintage linens and a new package of sewing wax.

The large enamel kettle was $2 and I couldn't have been happier. I got it home soaked it well and it came very clean. The handle on the top has been replace, but I cook in the pot and it didn't matter to me that it wasn't original. Now the universe can bring on the tomatoes because I have something to cook them in. We found vintage glassware of all kinds and she's already had requests for the staircase shelf.

When we find these vintage plastic shopping/beach bags they are usually broken or not in good shape, but this one was in very good condition. We found valentine's day, new in package, cupcake liners along with a canning jar and a hand embroidered brush and comb holder that has grommets for hanging.

This was our favorite find. It's a vintage metal plant rack that my daughter will put in her "coming to her soon" home with plants in vintage planters. It is in excellent condition and sturdy. We had a wonderful time rummaging and it was great to find things that we know we will enjoy and use. Even though we are not out thrifting often we are having a great time.

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