Thursday, July 02, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Quite a few years ago now I downsized to move in with my eldest daughter. In the transition I believe many of my holiday decoration were accidentally donated and the items I thought were donated I'm still finding in buckets and boxes. I can only hope that someone else is enjoying the items. So that leaves me with the task of getting new decorations or decorating at all. Since fabric is the medium that I enjoy most and with a pile of scrap fabric that some times gets out of control I made one decoration.

I found this vintage doily that was a star. I decided to maybe make a dream catcher style decoration, but it wasn't working for me. Then I decided to mount it on fabric to put in an embroidery hoop. Well what color fabric? I tried everything and baby blue was the choice. Then I began folding fabric stars. They mounted nicely  on the hoop, but it needed a little something else. That something else was ribbon and I just tacky glued it on the back to hang down. Not fantastic, but one of a kind and it looks nice on the door. This is inside because we don't have screen doors and anything we hang outside has to be wired down to stay in place.

From the folded stars I have now created another pile of scrap pieces. I wanted to make holiday mug rugs, so I cut a few triangles and tried my hand at a star. I need to practice more because I had a hard time getting them to line up. This practice star will not go to waste. I'm sure it will be something, but the decorating is still on the cutting table and it may be next year before they become something. 

Then comes the socks. This is pair number 12 and I managed two pair a month for the first half of the year. My goal was to learn two new things this year. Socks was one and I think that's a success story. Now it's on to learn the second craft and that is cheese making. I am excited to try this and look forward to posting the progress. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Ours we are hoping is quiet and relaxing. We will have a few food treats and watch some movies, but will probably just enjoy the nice weather they are predicting and listen to the distant fire works. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

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