Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Thrift finds and freebie economics.

With an extra day off for the holiday we headed out to get our errands done and did a little thrift shopping. We found a few things that were on our personal list and some items to add to the store.

These darling bottles are vintage Avon product bottles. Some were perfume, some were lotions, and some were bubble bath, but my daughter got them all for $1 and will put them on a shelf with her other people. 

Already sold are the two matching vintage cocktail glasses and the multi colored geometric glasses that are Georges Briard. The bar ware is new and stainless steel and my daughter will add them to her vintage collection. She also found a large cocktail glass with recipes on it and a Flintstones Betty glass. She added it to her collection and she now has eight. 

A couple of items on our list were the gallon jug for our sun tea and a meat grinder. The jug was $1.99 and the meat grinder was $5 and after I cleaned it up it was in great condition. The vintage nursery lamp was $1. We always pick up Pyrex covers and the measuring cups and spoons are vintage Rubbermaid and she will be adding them to her bee keeping supplies.

The hand held blender we got for $3 and it will make it easy for me to puree those winter soups. We found a package of cast iron owls, an unopened package of classical music and a few more books for our safer home and natural medicine shelf.

We had good luck with fabric and linens. We found a vintage set of pink double size sheets, one flat and one fitted that are new in the package. A vintage garden girl sheet, the bright orange, green and yellow floral table cloth and some cotton print fabrics. I also found a Vogue pattern for two different style Kimonos for $.99.

She found some heavy green cotton duck fabric, a yard of rainbow print stripe fabric and three new summer tops.

She found these three bundles of fabric samples that coordinated. I know there are some bright fun projects that will come from these. All in all the prices were crazy and we think we did exceptionally well. We have been very selective lately, but when you find good stuff you just can't leave it behind.

For freebies this week we got four dozen regular mouth canning lids. These were purchased with the Walmart savings catcher dollars that had added up. We usually let it accumulate to a larger amount, but the lids were needed because I was running low. That's the exciting thrift finds and freebies that we got this week. To some, not special finds, but we really have more than we need at this point and just getting out to look is the best part. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by.

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