Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Townhouse Homestead Tuesday

As summer progresses the desire to have a garden of my own strengthens and keeps the motivation strong for what may be in the next two summers. Here's hoping we can find that something that will fill that desire when we start our search for a home. For now I just keep going and appreciate friends who are letting me share theirs and for all the farmers that bring their goods to the markets.

The herbs on my small deck continue to do well. I harvested yet another bunch of basil that I used to add to my delicious stuffed portabella mushrooms for lunch and dried the rest for future cooking.

Last years tomatoes were approaching their expiration date so I use them up in this roasted garlic and basil tomato sauce. It was a low yield, but I have not lost them and wow did it come out great.

My Cilantro bolted with all the heat we've had but I am going to collect the seeds to start some more a little later this year and put the rest of the seeds in the cupboard in an up cycled pepper grinder so when I need coriander I can grind it fresh.

My parsley is providing an awesome amount and I've had it fresh and dried it for future use. It's nice to have for when I make my garlic bread. It looks like I may have to harvest more before the last bunch is fully dry.

My covert carrots have company. Temporarily any way. I started some butternut squash seeds that I'm hoping will be strong enough to transplant tonight when I go to my friends house to check on my tomatoes. I saved the seeds myself and was glad to know they will germinate. My container carrots are being called parsley so I can sneak them in on the deck. 

Saturday morning we got up early to go to a Church sale. The intention for going was large flower pots or containers for growing. I found two, cleaned them up and rinsed them with bleach and transplanted my rosemary. I sure wish I could bring these in for the winter, but I'm afraid I'd bring in insects and we don't need the problems. 

One of my daughter's co-workers sent her home with a large container of black berries and I got busy making black berry pancake syrup. It is so good and I was so grateful. Yes, I did send her some for her pleasure. This townhouse farm girl is doing the best she can with the space she has and it can be done. Thank you for stopping by to visit and have a wonderful week.

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