Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thrift finds.

This is going to be the shortest thrift post I probably will ever do. We were taking plastic bottles to a bottle return facility and just half a block down the road was an antique mall. We enjoy this venue, but hadn't visited in a while and we decided since we were that close we'd get some exercise and walk around for a bit. So much beauty. We walked and looked and got ideas and only found three items, but good items to us.

Well here it is. Our big shopping trip. The skein of baby blue yarn was $3 dollars, but it is a vintage seven ounce skein which I'm sure will produce three pairs of knitted socks. I may have to make one pair with a white cuff, but that's okay by me. The vintage salt and pepper shakers are plastic and so adorable. We just couldn't resist. The pink Pyrex pie plate is in mint condition and my daughter's first piece of pink. The price of this item was $3.75 because the booth we got it from was having a sale. Original price was $3.99. She's added it to her collection. That's what a walk through an antique mall yielded. Thank you for stopping by for a visit and we hope all of you finds as fun as ours. 

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