Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Townhouse Homestead Tuesday.

This is a picture of Karen's garden. She is a first time gardener and doing so well with it. These plants she started from seeds and discovered she has a green thumb after all. There's a row of cucumbers, broccoli and beans and a couple of pepper plants. I think it's a job well done. The fence is up to keep a hungry ground hog out. 

In her yard are my container tomatoes. They are larger every time I visit them. There are tomatoes appearing already and they are so happy among the flowers. It's mostly waiting now for the crops to come in and making sure they are fed well and watered but for now we still use the farmer's market I continue to harvest my herbs to build my supply for the winter months. Not much else going on hear as far as gardening. I'm working on a meal plan to help our budget and I've been trying new recipes to add to it and give it a good variety. Thank you for stopping by to visit and have a geat week. 

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